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Whirling 22’s

February 13, 2021 @ 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Whirling .22s Games are coming Sunday 13 from 9:00 to 1:00.
The Club’s gate will be open at 8:00 am.
The fee for TFC members is $5.00. For member’s guest is $10.00.
This new entry fee will be in force until the working funds needs a boost.
Please bring exact amount.

The Whirling .22s is a timed challenge, open to the public, designed for all everyday shooters without the need of special equipment or special training, with rifles and pistols .22, at targets that will whirl (spin) or move when hit.

You will practice accurate and fast shooting in a variety of conditions.

Competition is open to any able body of sound mind 12 years old or older.

The Games also provide an ambient of camaraderie, respect, and self-control.


Targets for the Games are:

Hanging Arms. Shoot each plate until hit, then move on, RIGHT TO LEFT.

Round and Round. Must hit bigger disc trying to make it to go around

Feeble Shot. Target for pistol is big gong; rifle is small gong. Week stances.

Shooting Gallery. Moving plates.

Dueling Post. Overpower competitor for most plates.

Up And Down. Put 4 paddles up and then put them down; 8 times.

JAWS. Cut 10 strings at 10 yds using pistol or rifle.


Title of ”Summa”, “Magna”, & “Cum Laude” Whirler to the three highest scores.

Entry Fees $10.00 (TFC non-members fee $20.00)



Caliber .22 rifle (2 mags of 10 shots each) and .22 pistol (2 mags of 10 shots each).

Eyes and ears protectors.

NO .22 Magnum, NO Hypervelocity .22, NO .17, NO 5.7


Shooters will provide own ammunition. Soft nose lead .22.

At least 360 rounds will be needed. Better bring more just in case. Ammunition is not available for sale at the games.

NO .22 Magnum, NO Hypervelocity .22, NO .17, NO 5.7


Rifles allowed

Semi-auto, lever, pump. Semi-auto is suggested.

Two 10 rounds magazine.

Any sights: iron sights or optics.

Sling is allowed.


Pistols allowed

Semi-auto is a must.

Two 10 round magazines.

Any sights: iron sights or optics.


General information

The 15 yards pistol only line will be used with non-participants as spectators.

Targets will be between 10 yards and 15 yards.

Eye and hear protections are REQUIRED on the line and staging areas for any person at this event. The .22 bullets WILL fragment upon impact of the metal so ricochets are NOT happening but a sliver of lead MAY come back to the firing line.

The backstop is the berm. Targets will be positioned in front of it and the berm will capture bullets.

No water and food available at the range.


There is a limited number of participants (18). Pre-registration will give you a place in the fun. To PRE-REGISTER or send your comments, email Whirling22@yahoo.com



R1. Safety is a must. Anybody acting disruptively will be asked to leave immediately. His/her behavior may be reported to the appropriate authority.

R2. All events have a time limit and a limited number of shots. In all stages the shots will be no more than 20 for rifle and 20 for pistol.

R3. All events will be run sequentially and there will be only one or two whirlers in each stage and a Whirling 22s Spotter (W22S), who will report the number of hits.

R4. Any whirler using more that the allotted rounds will have to rerun the stage or accept a zero score. Score is hits until time or ammo runs out.

R5. In case of a tie, one of the stages will be used until a winner emerges. The break-the-tie gun to be used, rifle or pistol, will be decided by the Whirling 22s Director (W22D).

R6. Gun must be supported by whirler’s body parts only.

R7. The course of fire will be given at the event and not before.

R8. The course of fire may be altered at any time by the Whirling .22s Director.

R9. Any protest or doubts on results will be decided by the Whirling .22s Director (W22D) with the assistance of the Whirling .22s Spotters (W22S) and Whirling .22s Participants (W22P).

R10. A competitor MUST be able to hear and understand all the range commands at all times to be

able to act in this match. If not, then he/she will not be allowed to participate.

If a competitor at the firing line does not understand or does not hear a command he/she must:

a – Refrain from shooting and make the gun safe, or

b – If there is time, ask for clarifications.


February 13, 2021
7:00 am - 12:00 pm