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High Power 100 (HP100) match – Green Range

April 24 @ 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

The High Power 100 (HP100) match is an NRA competition designed to be fired with high power rifles, caliber .223/5.56 to .308 (.311 allowed for the HP100) at paper targets placed at 100 yards. Only iron sights used, NO optics.

The participants in the NRA’s national High Power match have the opportunity to practice in this event at The Fusilier Complex without his/her NRA record being affected because these scores will NOT be sent to the NRA.

The Club’s CAROL GREEN rifle line will be used.

Competition is open to any able body of sound mind 12 years old or older (responsible party must be present.)

The competitor fires a total of 50 rounds in four positions. Sling is allowed except in Standing.

Standing:                10 rounds in 10 minutes, single load only, no sling.

Sitting/Kneeling:    10 rounds in 60 seconds, one reload.

Prone:                     10 rounds in 70 seconds, one reload.

Prone:                     20 rounds in 20 minutes, single load only.

Sighting in:             Unlimited shots, 5 minutes.

When:   Sunday – April 24, 2022

Hours:         9:00 am until finished

The dates are shown in The Fusilier Complex calendar:


Where:  The Fusilier Complex range near Arnaudville, LA.

Directions at https://fusiliercomplex.com/index.php/map-directions

TFC members entry fee: $10.00. Non-members fee is $20.00

Awards: Certificates per class.

Scores NOT sent to the NRA for official National Classification.


Equipment (optional): Shooting coats and gloves. Spotting telescopes and ground mats. Slings may be used.

Eye and hearing protection are required.



Shooters will provide own ammunition. At least 50 rounds will be needed. Bring more just in case. Ammo is not available for sale at the match.


Rules: NRA High Power Rules www.nrahq.org/compete/RuleBooks/HPR/hpr-index.pdf


General information:  No water nor food available at the range.


Suggested Equipment


The following is a recommended list of things to bring for the match.

You may add things that you feel you will need.


  1. Rifle with iron sights (a must!)
  2. 50 rounds for score, caliber .223/5.56 up to .311 (303 British.)
  3. 2 magazines/clips to hold 5 rounds each. Garand 2 & 8.
  4. Empty chamber flag.
  5. Ear and eye protection; cap or hat.
  6. Sling, optional.
  7. Shooting jacket, optional.
  8. Spotting scope, optional.
  9. Mat to lie and sit on the ground. Optional.
  10. Pen or pencil to score your shots. Optional.
  11. There is no water, food, ammo at the range.
  12. Enthusiastic, positive, sparkling sportsmanship is

highly recommended.



To PRE-REGISTER or send your comments, email AR15AmericanMatch@yahoo.com


April 24
8:00 am - 1:00 pm